Victoria was an amazing friend. She loved sleepovers and having many friends around her. She was a kind and gentle little girl. She was an amazing sister and daughter, sometimes a little mischievous, but always happy, and she always made us smile.

We miss Victoria so much and we are learning to live this new life without her. The Victoria Sousa Foundation is one way that is helping us to heal.

Victoria's sports included soccer, gymnastics, lacrosse, basketball, and cross country. But her favorite sport was soccer. You would never know by talking with her that she accomplished all these things because she was so humble.

In 2005, she was the first runner up in the Bristol 4th of July Pageant and went on to win Little Miss 4th of July in 2006. She never gave up at anything she did.

Victoria Marie Sousa was a wonderful young girl with a quiet and unassuming personality, but was very quick with her one-liners. She was constantly making her family and friends laugh and was especially known for her funny faces and grooves!!!

She was an amazing athlete, and excelled in every sport she played. She was fast as lighting and was named “the gazelle” on the soccer field. She ran with such grace.