My name is Madison Castigliego and I just started my sophomore year at Bayview on the Victoria Sousa scholarship. I'm incredibly thankful and honored for the opportunity to carry out Victoria's legacy and be able to attend Bayview. Going to Bayview has already impacted me so much even in just my little time there so far. Bayview has made me more outgoing, and I’ve joined clubs and activities I wouldn't have at another school. I am the starting pitcher on the softball team, I am on the indoor track team, and I’ve joined the Ambassadors, Spanish Club, and the Girl Gang. This year, my friends and I brought Students Against Destructive Decisions to the school. After only my freshman year, I feel like I'm already becoming a better person because I have been given many new opportunities. But even with all the sports and clubs, my favorite part about Bayview is that I have made friendships that feel like family, and they push me to strive to be a better person. I know these new friendships will last a lifetime. Without the Victoria Sousa scholarship, I probably wouldn't be able to go to Bayview. I am forever thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Sousa and the Foundation for the opportunity to attend such a great school and to continue Victoria's legacy.   

My name is Hannah Terry and I'm going to be a junior at Bay View.  I'm starting my third year and the things I've accomplished here have brought me to where I am today.  I've reached out of my comfort zone, taking an amazing school trip to Italy, something that I’ll never forget.  I've learned things academically and socially and made friends who I know I will continue to have throughout college.  I also play soccer and lacrosse and love being part of a team. Overall, it’s been a wonderful high school experience so far.   The Victoria Sousa Scholarship has given me all of these things.  Without the scholarship I wouldn't have made the friends I have or been pushed to learn and really be challenged academically.  I'm so grateful for this and I can't imagine my life without Bay View.

My name is Sydney Beck and I was the first recipient of the Victoria Sousa Memorial Scholarship. I transferred to Bay View during my sophomore year, a hard transition which was made easier by the supportive social and intellectual community. Bay View became a place where I felt comfortable yet challenged to be better as a student and as a person. Being involved with the Soccer team, the National Honor Society and the Art department gave me a well-rounded experience.

My name is Madison Beck and I am heading into my Senior year at Bay View on the Victoria Sousa Foundation Scholarship. During my three years at "The Bay" I have become involved in both soccer and lacrosse. One of the best things about my school is the feeling I get each time I step on the field; that I am not only surrounded by teammates, but by sisters. I think this sense of community and support is consistent for Bay View as a whole whether in sports, clubs or the classroom. With the encouragement of my Bay View family I have been able to experience amazing new things. Whether it's serving as Treasurer of Excalibur or displaying artwork in a show, I do it with confidence because I know that there are at least six hundred girls and a couple of Sisters of Mercy who have got my back. 

The following words were submitted by a young man who is a current student at St. Philomena School who wishes to remain anonymous:

I am writing to express the gratitude and appreciation for the blessing bestowed upon our family having been awarded the Victoria M. Sousa Scholarship.   This scholarship is a perpetual reminder of a beautiful life and spirit that touched all in the Saint Philomena family.  We are so grateful for this opportunity, this act ensures the legacy of a young life that continues to positively impact students and families.  Forever in our hearts.

No matter where I go and what I do in the world I will always remember Victoria for the beautiful person she was and I will always be grateful to the Sousa family for providing me with this life-changing opportunity. 

My name is Samantha Hogan and I was given the opportunity to attend Bay View on the Victoria Scholarship. I was able to play soccer and lacrosse while I was there and enjoyed being part of a team. What I enjoyed most about Bay View was the environment. It allowed me to grow as a student and as a person. Being in an all-girls school gave me the ability to be myself and allowed me the time to think about who I wanted to be. Although I did not finish my schooling at Bay View, I am eternally grateful for the gift I was given and the incredible opportunity it provided me. Bay View will always be a part of my story and more importantly a contributor to my future endeavors.

The opportunity that this scholarship has granted me is priceless. It means that I will not only graduate high school with an unparalleled education, but that I have endless opportunities waiting for me in the future. However, the meaning this scholarship holds goes far beyond my education, my future and myself. As a recipient of the Victoria Sousa scholarship, I have the honor of continuing her legacy. Victoria was a dear friend of mine and a beautiful, kind person. I often think about what she would be doing if she were still with us and I am even more appreciative of Bay View and life in general. Every success I have at Bay View is dedicated to her memory. Most of all, I am grateful to the Sousa family for allowing me to play a role in honoring the life of their beautiful daughter and eternal angel, Victoria.

My name is Hope Morency and I am a sophomore at Bay View Academy on the Victoria Sousa scholarship. While at Bay View, I have been involved in Soccer and Lacrosse. The best thing about being able to go to Bay View is the opportunities the school gives you. There are so many different clubs and after school activities. The academics are outstanding and push you to strive to be better. The environment is also a wonderful aspect of Bay View. I feel like I am part of a family. Everyone is so welcoming and understanding.

The Victoria Sousa scholarship has given me a chance to become a successful independent woman. I now learn more than I ever have. Being able to go to Bay View is the best thing that ever happened to me. Without it, I would be the athlete and scholar I am today. I am extremely grateful to the Sousa family for giving me this opportunity to strive to be a better me.

Bay View has given me so much and has made me the person and artist I am today. It has taught me to be open to new people and experiences and to question my ideas. My teachers, classmates, and friends showed me what it really means to be a woman. I graduated in 2012 and my Bay View education has prepared me well for Wheaton College where I study Studio Art and Business with a concentration in policy, non-profits, and the arts. I have been able to take advantage of so many amazing opportunities at Wheaton such as being in an acapela group, working in the permanent art collection, and studying abroad in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Even though I am not involved in the Bay View community anymore, I feel close in spirit.